The Fungus Among Us...

Looks as though the Nikkor 135mm telephoto prime I have has a pretty bad case of fungus. It all seems to be on the external side of the back lens so I'm going to take a chance to clean it, but if it doesn't work its cheaper to buy a good used Ai-capable one to replace it than attempt to have it professionally cleaned.


Yesterday evening I spent an hour in the cold on the shoreline at Yokohama watching a multimedia presentation of Henrik Ibsen's Terje Vigen, a well-known piece of Norwegian poetry.

There was a 150° 5-screen projection system, with an overall resolution of 9600x1080.

Glen Terry Returning to Tokyo

Glen Terry is going to be playing some Tokyo gigs later this month and early december.

Venues include:

The Fiddler - 11/26, 11/28, 12/1, 12/3
What The Dickens - 11/30
The Barge Inn - 12/2

Nice Out

So nice that I'm planning on shooting some Velvia.

New Lens Part II

Well, I managed to find my lens at a little hole-in-the-wall place near Shinjuku station. Its obviously well-loved and has a ding on the edge near the front lens, however the optics look perfect and the aperture ring and zoom mechanism are nice and smooth. It actually looks a lot worse than the lenses at larger shops, but the optical and mechanical aspects are much better.

Set me back all of ¥8000.

Hopefully pictures to come on flickr by the weekend.

New Lens

I've been wanting a new zoom lens for my F2 for a couple weeks now. The Tamron 38-100 f/3.5 I have really doesn't give me enough magnification to suit me.

I have my eye on an Ai-Nikkor 80-200mm f/4.5 now. Just waiting to find a good quality lens at a decent price. US eBay prices seem too high at >US$100 used.

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