Self-Developed Photos

Nikon F90x, AF Nikkor 50mm f/1.8, Neopan 400, Super Prodol 1:1 7.5min@19°C
Globe du Monde


An Interesting Development

Its been ages since I developed my own black and white film, probably since I was about 13 or 14.

For my first foray back I decided to try some Fujifilm Neopan 400. Since its the first time, I decided to take the path of least resistance and use Fuji chemistry (I'd always used Kodak before).

Saved From Needing a New Camera

The last 6 rolls of reversal film I've shot through my F90X have all come back from processing with scratches down the length of the film. At first I put this down to bad handling at the lab, but when it was consistent over 6 rolls, and the scratches in the same relative position on the image, I started suspecting the camera.

Font Happiness

One thing I can't fault OS X on is fonts. The availability of good fonts with japanese glyphs is so far ahead of anything available for FreeBSD/Linux its not funny.

Ircle is going to have to go I think. While I was able to get it working properly in japanese (preferences and font issues), it has the annoying habit of going into japanese IM by default when its window goes into focus whenever japanese display is enabled. Xchat is probably next thing on the list to try.

OS X Assimilation, Day One

For some stupid reason, I made a statement that starting April 1 (beginning of the fiscal year in Japan) I'd switch to an OS X desktop for a month.

The Joy of Slides

I haven't shot any reversal film in years. When I lived in the US, shooting reversal always meant prepaid mailers and 2 weeks waiting for processing since I didn't live in a big city with pro labs.

Seperated From My Camera

Today I sent it to the UK for repairs.

Nikon will not touch an F2 body any more extensively than doing a shutter check, as they no longer stock any parts for it.

Camera Porn

I used to think I was far too jaded about camera lens collections.

Then I saw this.

Looks to be taken with a D200 or something, but its all about the subject.

Bokeh and the Camera Loonies

Bokeh (from the japanese ぼける - to blur) is supposed to be the characteristic of the blur of the portion of a photographic image outside the depth-of-field. The camera nuts want you to believe that this is a characteristic that requires a seperate definition, which is of course a total crock. Optics are optics, and the factors that contribute to this are already defined such as focal length, aperture, arrangement of lens elements, and various varieties of aberrations.


Today I liberated a wireless ADSL modem/router from the tech support workbench. Someone had left it set up as a wide open access point directly connected to the internet. It is now safely locked away in my desk, waiting for someone to notice it missing.

When that someone asks me, they're going to get an earful.

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