Bmobile 3G SIMs are NOT Compatible with the Nexus 5

After some back and forth with Bmobile:

  • All 3G SIMs are not compatible with the Nexus 5 and there is no way to make them so.
  • Customers affected must pay for a SIM card reissue (3150 yen) and a plan change fee (2100 yen).
  • It might not work even then (its at your own risk, no refunds if that doesn't fix it).
  • If you have the legacy voice plan with the monthly communication allowance on your 3G SIM you lose it if you change to an LTE plan. In other words your monthly voice costs will permanently increase.

It probably WILL work. My wife's 3G Aeon voice/data SIM doesn't work in the Nexus 5 but my LTE Smart data-only SIM does (doesn't even require any fix for the signal strength icon).